How To Create Lead Generation Pages That Convert

Got leads?

Creating a landing page is one of the most effective ways to generate leads, increase sign-ups and test how well a product or service will perform online.

If you want to boost your traffic and generate more revenue online, a landing-page will be a great place to start.

This post is intended to help you create your first landing page quickly and with ease.

Read on and learn:

  • Why landing pages are great for lead generation and list building
  • How to structure landing pages that convert
  • Which tools can help you to create a working landing page in less than an hour

What’s this landing page you speak of?

First, let’s define what we mean by landing page.

Given that you can interpret the term landing page as any page a visitor could land on, we’d like to clarify what we mean by landing page for the purposes of this guide

We mean landing page as in – a page that normally isn’t your main website but a page specifically designed to prompt visitors towards a single focused behaviour or objective.

Since our focus is lead generation, the page objective is to capture user data or contact details from visitors, so that we can use that data to re-connect with visitors in the future.

Ideally your landing page will offer something of (perceived) value in exchange for your visitor’s email address.

Offer something of value in exchange for an email

Companies that have exhibited tremendous growth like Pinterest, which grew to an estimated 10.2 million users in just 2 years. Instagram (that managed to achieve a growth-rate of 160 000 sign-ups per week in just 2 quarters) have simple but highly-effective landing pages, that offer access to their content and application in exchange for your details.

If you don’t happen to be in the high-growth app business, your landing page could offer anything else of value like:

  • Access to a webinar
  • Free consultations
  • Free trials to your product or service
  • Updates
  • Early access to your product
  • Free guides, resources or tips
  • “Insider” news or information
  • Access to a group, contacts or leads

landing page example pinterest

landing page example james clear

Simple designs that limit interaction and ask visitors to sign-up upfront can work wonders for your sign-up rate.

You’ll want the page to have a simple form and a section pitching what you’ll get in return for your contact details.

4 Factors that influence conversion

Limiting user interactions

You really want to limit the number of interactions visitors can make on a site.
By giving users more choices and things to interact, you’re lowering the odds of them actually doing the one thing you want them to do, which is leaving their email address.

Don’t give people free access to your content, avoid easy access to any navigation or hyperlinks or don’t display them at all.

If your landing-page does nothing other than communicating the benefits and the emotions one will experience in exchange for submitting an email address, you’re on the right track. Too much information and too many choices will only cause unnecessary overwhelm, information overload or distraction, causing the visitor to bounce and forget about you and your business.

By launching a landing page that virtually limits the user to deciding whether to sign up or close(leave), you will either boost your sign up rate or learn that your value proposition needs fixing. Which makes it great for testing new products, services or ideas.

Limit the number of elements on your page

A clear and concise headline
Make your headline count, it will have a heavy impact on your sign-ups.
You’ll want to position your headline so that it will force the visitor to read it before anything else.
landingpage digital ocean
Web visitors often scan instead of reading. They’ll rarely read more than a sentence, that’s why you’ll want to test which words can best convey your value proposition in a single sentence or headline (*like anything it’s an art not an exact science – sometimes a sub-heading can help). To work out which headline is best, keep testing the conversion-rate of your headline and see which one’s best.

It doesn’t get any simpler than “Simple Cloud Computing, Built for Developers”.

Call to action & form
Ensure that your call to action stands out and that it’s very easy for users to enter and submit their email address by embedding a form and button above the fold.

call to action with form example

Remember to place your most important elements, such as the headline and the call to action above the fold.

Trust builders
Your ability to convince a customer to leave his or her contact details upon the first visit to your landing page will depend on how much trust and excitement your site can create in the first 8 seconds.

cta example

The 9000+ shares on the left-hand side and the indication below the call to action “494k sites powered by SumoMe” are great ways to gain visitors trust

trust builder logos

Positive client testimonials, affiliations to trustworthy companies and their logos are very effective at building immediate trust.

A list of benefits
Visitors will pay for benefits not things and as we’ve learned earlier they scan. Display your offering’s most exciting benefits in bullet points or very short sentences.

benefit list example

The three sentences at the bottom summarise the benefits that Shopify offers. The last line aims to build trust and confidence by offering to showcase others that have succeeded.

Large background images or videos
Large background images, explainer or background videos can have a positive effect on lead generation and reduce abandonment rates.

If you take a quick look at all the examples above, you will see that they all utilise large imagery.

Easy ways to create your own lead generation page

We’ve created a list of web-services to allow you to apply and test what you’ve learnt. You’ll be able to build your own landing page in less than an hour. The services listed are free for thirty days, pricing then starts at $29 dollars per month.

Don’t know how to code? These options are far cheaper than hiring a developer or learning how to code from scratch. The drag and drop interfaces will help you start quickly, besides  – 30 days is more than enough for testing your idea.

Each option offers intuitive and easy-to-use A/B testing tools, providing insights on which headline and call to action performs best.

Keep in mind that the elements and conclusions listed above don’t always hold for every scenario. Some concepts will work, some won’t. Testing whats works will be vital to increasing the conversion rate and the success of page.

Don’t start building your page later or tomorrow, click on one of the links above and get started. We’d be excited to see what you’ll come up with. If you’re looking for feedback or help with your landing page, don’t hesitate to send us the link to your page to or post it in the comments below.