How To Write Headlines That Sell and Convert

Let’s let the numbers do the talking

Did you know that the headline of your website or landing page will influence whether about 80% of your visitors convert or not?

That’s potentially 4 out of 5 sales lost, because your headline is badly written or positioned.

Good headlines, on the other hand, will increase the rate at which products, posts and pages spread across the internet.
The faster your content spreads, the more leads you generate, the more you sell.

In today’s data-driven world the best copywriters and marketers won’t bet the farm and
simply take a gamble on their headline for the next product or service. They tend to rely on money- and time-tested formulas that work.

These formulas get people to take action, because they tap into human behaviour and utilise our hard-wired psychological triggers.

When you start applying any of the following 5 headline formulas, their effectiveness will depend on your ability to understand the underlying psychology that makes them work and when to apply them.

What makes a good headline?

If you’re looking to get a reader to take action, an effective headline must clearly communicate how you can provide a desirable outcome (or the avoidance of an undesirable one) for your prospect.
Our senses are being bombarded with an ever-increasing amount of information on a daily basis ,causing us to unconsciously apply more and more aggressive attention filters.

You can assume that your reader is easily distracted, making it vital that your headline is as clear and succinct as possible.

Your headline should do little more than communicating the express benefit of your product or service.

We’re always on the lookout for anything that will make our lives easier or ourselves better. Use your headline to tell the reader how you’ll help them improve or fix their problem.

Take a look at the example below

headline error example

The next headline nails it. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t help myself,
I just had to press the play button.

dope landing page example

Here’s how you can start testing new headlines today

If you’re looking to start promoting and selling a product or service today, you could start testing their
potential success by taking advantage of some pretty cool sites.

There are several sites that will let you create lead-generation pages on the fly and for free!

There’s a link at the bottom for a guide that will show you how to do it (with examples).

Let’s start taking a look at the syntax of the first headline below.

I. The SEO Keyword-Driven Headline


[Attribute] and [Attribute] [Your SEO Keyword or Phrase] That Will [Result or Benefit Your Promising]

Consider this headline if your landing page is driven by organic search traffic, as opposed to Google Adwords and other PPC Campaigns. It allows you to simultaneously boost conversions and search traffic.


Quick and Convenient Mobile Car Cleaner That Will Make Your Car Shine For Weeks

II. The Quantity-Driven Headline


[Verb] [Quantified Benefit or Result] in [Quantified Time Period]

If your target demographic consists of logical thinkers and left-brain oriented people, this headline can work wonders for you. Promising a quantifiable result in a specified time period helps make your product more real (given that your promise is realistic) and heightens the emotional reaction of your reader, increasing the likelihood that he or she will act.


Get 10,000 Monthly Visitors in Less Than 6 Months

III. Show Me How To Benefit


How to [First Benefit] and [Second Benefit]

This headline formula works best when there’s a subtle relationship between the two benefits, that allows the reader to assume that one leads to the other. The stronger the relationship between the two benefits, the better!


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

IV. Just Benefits


[Big Benefit]:[First Benefit][Second Benefit][*Optional Third Benefit]

The no BS headline, simply list your main benefit followed by more benefits for good measure.


Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

V. The Easy or Fast Way


The easiest/fastest way to [Tedious Task or Problem]

People like simplicity and speed. If you make a tedious task or problem easier or go away faster, keep things simple and tell them. It’s probably the easiest and fastest way to write a good headline


The Easiest Way to Find & Hire Great Designers

One Last Thing

As promised click here to read our guide on creating landing pages without IT or coding knowledge

Try out the headline you think will best work for you.

You’ll be up and running in less than an hour, you can be testing new headlines, business ideas and ways to make money today.

Another great way to learn how to improve your headlines is to search the web for your favourite pages and products and see what they’re doing.

We hope this guide was helpful and we’d love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below or send us an email at